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Why ACE?

Achieving Success At A Younger Age

What exactly is the CogAT® Test?

The CogAT® Test is an assessment administered to children from grade levels K-5, to test their cognitive abilities. The categories that are assessed consist of the following: Verbal Battery, Quantitative Battery, and Non-Verbal Battery.  The test is usually given anywhere from November-February depending on the school/district of your child.  


What are the benefits of acing the CogAT® Test?

Believe it or not, the benefits of obtaining a high score on the CogAT® Test actually last all the way up to your child's last year in high school. If your child scores a composite score of 97-99 on the exam, he/she will be eligible to take the California GATE test. If your child scores well on the GATE Test, he/she will be placed in an advanced class in their elementary school, or he/she would have the option to actually transfer to a different school that caters to the needs of children seeking a more advanced education for their grade level. These advanced programs give your child a higher chance of getting into an advanced math program in middle school, which would then lead them to take more advanced courses in high school. Essentially, your children can be ahead of their peers for the next 7+ years of his/her life, just by performing well on these two tests. However, it all starts NOW!

Why ACE Virtual Learning?

Our instructors at ACE have been studying the CogAT® material for years. We are experts at understanding what the exam assesses, and how to efficiently deliver the content and lessons to children of a younger age group, to really ensure that they understand the logical approaches on how to answer the questions, and the core concepts behind each and every topic. ACE has produced thousands of practice questions to help your child exercise these logical skills, as well as practice the material that will appear on the CogAT® exam. ACE additionally provides various different practice exams, to help your child obtain a clear perspective on what he/she will need to know in order to achieve a high score on the CogAT® Test. What separates ACE Virtual Learning from all the other CogAT® training websites are the following: We focus on strategical approaches and tricks to build speed and stamina when answering questions, our content is based on the purposes of preparing your child for the exam, as well as sharpening their logic skills significantly, we carefully monitor your child's progress through assessments and assignments, and send weekly reports on where your child has improved, and where he/she can improve more, and finally we are the only CogAT® training program that delivers live virtual classroom sessions, as well as video-on-demand lessons, that cater to a younger audience. Overall, ACE not only helps students with CogAT® prep, but we also help with enhancing your child's skills.

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