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Your Child Can Become Incredibly Intelligent If They Use This Secret


Your Child Does Not Need A Tutor To Get Them Ahead

Every child is bright in their own way. 


Yet, there is a way to maximize their potential while they are still young.

If you have wondered how you can accelerate your child's learning abilities, and you have turned to a tutor to solve your problem, you are not wrong for doing so.

However, there is an amazing method that can put your child on a track of never-ending academic success.

Read below, to learn how.

Gifted Programs

Gifted programs are for students that are deemed gifted in terms of their outstanding intellectual abilities. 

These programs typically follow an advanced curriculum that ultimately grants your child the opportunity to learn and practice material that is advanced for their grade level. 

For example, a 2nd grader in a gifted program would be learning 3rd/4th grade material. 

According to NAFGC (National Association For Gifted Children), there are approximately 3.2 million students who are enrolled in gifted programs within the United States. 

This means that 3.2 million students are given the opportunity to take part in an educational system that offers an advanced academic curriculum, as opposed to the standard curriculum that exists in your child's school.


Fun fact: Albert Einstien and Bill Gates were both deemed gifted as young students. 

Your Child Can Get Into A Gifted Program!

There are hundreds of elementary schools across the country that offer gifted programs. Chances are, your child's school district offers one as well. 

However, gifted programs are highly selective, as only a mere 6% of ALL students in America are currently enrolled in these programs. 

Despite the selectiveness of the programs, your child can use a shortcut to get into one. 

In fact, at ACE Virtual Learning, we have helped many students qualify for gifted programs while their initial cognitive and academic abilities were just about average. 

With that being said, we can help your child get into their school's gifted program as well.

For a limited time, our team of experts is working with a number of families to construct a district-specific plan that will land their students in gifted programs.

What makes this process so amazing is the fact that it's completely free and requires little to no effort on your end. 

If you are interested in providing your child with an opportunity that can yield years of academic success, simply fill out the form below, so that our staff can get started on a plan that is specifically compatible with your district's guidelines. 



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