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AP Calculus AB Tutoring Course

Price per hour: $40 | Billed at $320/month

 Sale:  Price per hour: $29

ACE Virtual Learning's AP Calculus AB Tutoring Course is taught by certified K-12 educators who have been teaching for a minimum of 4+ years! Throughout this course, your student will learn the exact same strategies that have helped our former students score 4's and 5's on the AP Exam, and maintain a solid A in their AP Calculus AB class in school. 

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Our Organized Approach

Here is how our students are able to achieve the BEST test scores in their class:

First, we will map out ALL of your student's unit exam dates throughout the semester.

Second, we will tailor our course's curriculum to ensure that your child is effectively prepared for each unit test, at least 1 week in advance. 

Third, we will re-teach every concept that your child scores poorly on in school, to prevent those mistakes from occurring again. 

AP Exam & Finals Preparation

Here is how we prepare our students for the AP Exam & Final Exams:

We dedicate the last class of every month to AP Exam & Finals Preparation

We also dedicate the last 2 months of the school year to preparing for the AP Exam & the Final Exams

We administer 1 Practice AP Exam every month, to effectively prepare your student for the exam's format

Our Curriculum

Here are the topics that we cover in our curriculum:

Unit 1

Limits and Continuity

Unit 3


(Composite, Implicit, & Inverse Functions)

Unit 5

Analytical Differentiation

Unit 7

Differential Equations

Unit 2

Differentiation (Emphasis on Fundamental Properties)

Unit 4

Contextual Differentiation

Unit 6

Integration and Accumulation of Change

Unit 8

Application of Integration

Why Us?

Here are some benefits that our program exclusively offers

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Our curriculum prevents your student from cramming for an exam the night before, because we ensure that your child will be prepared for every unit exam at least 1 week in advance.

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Our teachers post weekly progress reports regarding your student's performance, so that you know exactly where they are struggling/excelling in, as we consistently keep our parents in the loop.

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In order for your student to earn above a 95% on their unit tests, they must thoroughly understand at least 95% of the subject matter. Our curriculum teaches every inch of every concept to help your student achieve their desired test scores.

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Our teachers set deadlines for each homework assignment we assign, to ensure that your child is receiving daily practice and not falling behind in any area of the subject. Hence, we help your student build structured study habits that have been proven to work.

Registration Process

Step 1: Scroll up & click the "Register Now" button 

Step 2: Select your desired timings for the classes

Step 3: Enter your payment information at the checkout page 

Step 4: Our staff will send you an easy-to-follow email within 24 hours containing the information on how to join the sessions and access the homework assignments

Step 5: Join your class on the day/time you registered for

Additional Course Details

Sessions Per Week: 2 (1 hour each)

Homework Assignments Per Week: 5-7

Practice Tests Per Month: 1-2

Teacher's Response Time: <24 hours

FAQ Section

Q1.) What if my child joins after the first session has taken place?

Our course is carefully structured in a way where students can join at any time, and they will still be able to learn all the content that is taught through our comprehensive review sessions. Our instructors also required to review previous concepts in each class. 

Q2.) What if my child misses a class?

If your student misses a class, we have you covered! At ACE Virtual Learning, we have a very convenient system of allowing parents to schedule a make-up session within a timely manner to go over any concepts that were previously missed. 

Q3.) How can I ensure that my student is receiving a substantial amount of attention from the instructor?

Since there will be no more than 2-5 students in each classroom, our instructors tend to have a significant amount of time to dedicate towards making sure each student is able to effectively understand and apply the concepts that are taught. 

Q4.) How do the online classes work?

Our online classes take place through Zoom. Your student will be able to interact with our instructor and ask questions, just as they would in a physical classroom. Our instructors will make the online classes extremely interactive, informational, and enjoyable!