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CogAT® Virtual Classes

(Foundations Package)

 Price: $140

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Package Description:
The CogAT® Foundations Package solidifies your child's understanding of each and every concept assessed on the CogAT® Exam.  The sessions are led by instructors who have had at least 4+ years of experience with teaching students from grades K-8. 
Package Contents:
  • 4 live tutoring sessions (50-minute sessions, once a week)
  • 2-3 personalized practice assignments every week that cater to your child's specific needs 
  • 1 full-length practice exam each month
  • 700+ practice questions
  • 2 detailed progress reports every month regarding your child's growth




Registration Process:

  1. Complete your registration by clicking the "Buy Now" button above. 

  2. Complete the student information form which will be sent via email shortly after your purchase.

  3. Once our staff confirms the session timings that you provide us with, you will be able to start your sessions. 


Scoring Within The 90th Percentile:

Your child will need both foundations & strategies in order to obtain a score within the 90th percentile, and so it is imperative to spend at least 5-6 months preparing for the CogAT exam. Students who spend 1-4 months preparing for the exam do not always obtain an excellent score, because they tend to forget the material if they are not exercising their skills on a weekly basis. Understanding only the basics of each concept is still insufficient when attempting to obtain a top score, as the CogAT is comprised of intricate questions that are very difficult to answer accurately in a timely manner. It is highly suggested that your child takes part in 4 months of our foundational training, and 3-4 months of our advanced training, in order to solidify their foundations, and properly utilize the strategies that we teach. Students who follow our training plan usually score within the 95th-99th percentile. 


- Verbal Analogies

- Verbal Classifications

- Sentence Completion


- Figure Analogies

- Figure Classifications

-Paper Folding


- Numeric Analogies

- Numeric Puzzles

- Numeric Series


- Basic Mathematical Operations

- Vocabulary & Grammar

→ 4 sessions → $35 per session → $140.00 per month.
→700+ Practice Questions, Full-Length Practice Exams, Subject Tests, Homework Assignments → Free of Cost
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