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Cognitive Abilities Course

ACE Virtual Learning's Cognitive Abilities Course is taught by instructors that have helped students achieve the highest scores on standardized tests! Throughout this course, your student develop a unique perspective when solving problems.


ACE Virtual Learning's Cognitive Abilities course will provide your student with the same concepts and strategies that have helped other students qualify for the Gifted & Talented program in the past! Throughout our course, your student will learn concepts in the verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal sections, all of which are assessed on the CogAT®. In addition to learning such effective content, your student will also have access to an extensive amount of practice material, that can help solidify their cognitive foundation!

How Does It Work?

Your student will attend 1 live online session led by our expert instructors every week. 

After the session ends, your student will receive 5 homework booklets through our virtual classroom every single week. 

For extra practice, your student will also have access to our special online module with thousands of practice questions, a series of practice exams, and an entire library of exclusive tutoring videos. 

If your student has any questions regarding the material throughout the week, they can leave a question on their virtual classroom, and our instructors will attend to their question within 24 hours or less!

Course Topics


Verbal Classification

Verbal Analogies

Sentence Completion


Number Analogies

Number Series

Number Puzzles


Paper Folding

Figure Analogies

Figure Classification

Course Schedule

Session 1: Verbal Classifications

Session 2: Verbal Analogies

Session 3: Sentence Completion

Session 4: Verbal Review

Session 5:  Number Analogies

Session 6: Number Series

Session 7: Number Puzzles

Session 8: Quantitative Review

Session 9:  Verbal Strategic Overview

Session 10: Quantitative Strategic Overview

Session 11: Nonverbal Strategic Overview

Session 12: Practice Exam Review

Strategies Covered

Strategy #1: Unknown Words Solution

Strategy #2: Two-Right Answers Solution

Strategy #3: Process of Elimination

Strategy #4: Verbal Speed Boosters

Strategy #5: Verbal Accuracy Boosters

Strategy #6: Mathematical Tips & Tricks

Strategy #7: Paper-Folding Secrets 

Strategy #8: Figure Analogy Magnification

Strategy #9: Ingredients Method 

Strategy #10: Step-By-Step Simplification

Registration Process

Step 1:

Click the "Register Now" button to make the payment for the course.

Step 2:

You will receive an email from our staff within the next 24 hours that includes simple directions on how to join our virtual classroom and access homework assignments/session links. 

Step 3:

Use the session link provided to you on the day of the session to join your first class! 

FAQ Section

Q1.) What if my child joins after the first session has taken place?

Our course is carefully structured in a way where students can join at any time, and they will still be able to learn all the content that is taught through our comprehensive review sessions. Our instructors also required to review previous concepts in each class. 

Q3.) How do the online classes work?

Our online classes take place through Zoom. Your student will be able to interact with our instructor and ask questions, just as they would in a physical classroom. Our instructors will make the online classes extremely interactive, informational, and enjoyable!

Q2.) What if my child misses a class?

If your student misses a class, we have you covered! At ACE Virtual Learning, we have a very convenient system of allowing parents to schedule a make-up session within a timely manner to go over any concepts that were previously missed. 

Q3.) How can I ensure that my student is receiving a substantial amount of attention from the instructor?

Since there will be no more than 3-4 students in each classroom, our instructors tend to have a significant amount of time to dedicate towards making sure each student is able to effectively understand and apply the concepts that are taught. 

Contact Information

To instantly speak with a course specialist, please call: (805)-242-6333 

To communicate via email, please contact us at

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