OLSAT® Virtual Classes (Weekly Package)


Package Description:
Our weekly package is based around a structured curriculum with 2 LIVE virtual lessons per week, presented through Adobe's Virtual Classroom by our OLSAT® experts. Your child will learn the fundamental concepts as well as the advanced application concepts that are all assessed on the OLSAT® exam. Alongside the concepts, they will also learn strategic tips and tricks on how to solve the problems in a very precise and timely manner, which will save them a lot of time on the exam, and reduce the chances of getting a question wrong. Our sessions are organized by grade level, and so your child will be placed into a virtual classroom with peers around the same age as them. Once you register, you will receive an email containing a form for you to enter your child's name, grade level, and any questions or concerns you may have.

Registration Process:

→ Please click on the "Buy Now" button above and complete your payment with PayPal

→ After completing your payment please proceed to the Signup Page that can be found under the

     Tutoring Packages section of this website; or simply click on the underlined link

→ After completing the full form, we will send you a confirmation email that you have registered along with a

      Google Classroom Code which is where all the updates and assignments will be posted.

Package Details: 
→ Daily homework assignments assessing concepts, solidifying foundations, building strategy, and boosting
 → 2 full-length practice exams administered each month, to display your child's growth.
 → 2 progress reports each month, to display your child's improvement, as well as identify areas where we can
       help your child further improve.
 → Pop quizzes every week to ensure your child is on track. 
 → 2 lessons (45 minutes long) every week taught by our OLSAT® experts who are eager to help your child boost
      their score.
*All assignments will be posted on a Google Classroom, which you can access through the confirmation email that you will receive shortly after registering into the program.*
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 → 2 classes per week → $40.00 per week

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