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Gifted/Talented Program Webinar 

Your child can be placed in your district's academically gifted/talented program

Stress Less & ACE Your Test!

At ACE Virtual Learning, we strongly believe that students should aim to develop a particular skill set, in order to perform well on an exam, as opposed to learning the material through intensive practice that yields minimal results. It has been psychologically proven that spaced-out learning with a consistent amount of practice, yields the best results, which is exactly why our curriculums are designed to help your child develop the necessary skill set that is acquired over a period of time, as opposed to cramming material, which is anything but effective in the long-term. We want our students to stress less, and ACE their tests!

Our Sessions In Action
What Does It Take?


A solid foundation is a pre-requisite to even preparing for an entrance exam into any academically gifted/talented program.  In order for any student to score within the 95th percentile on a cognitive abilities test, they must have substantial knowledge of the subject matter that is being assessed, and they must have the cognitive skill set that is required to score so high in the first place.


A solidified foundation is essential to your child's success on their exam. However,  strategies are just as important. In order to complete the exam in the most efficient way, your child must know how to allocate the time allotted to each question. Most students who score within the 95th percentile utilize strategies that boost both speed & accuracy. At ACE Virtual Learning, your child will learn countless strategies, that will minimize their errors, and allow them to complete the exam with great ease. 


In order to exercise the strategies that your child learns, or assess their foundation, your child will need to have access to a great amount of practice. Students who perform well on the CogAT, practice the assessed content at least 3 times a week. Additionally, they spend at least 6-8 months practicing the material, in order to effectively develop the necessary skill set to succeed on the exam. 

FREE CogAT Practice

Here's What Parents Have Said

Interested in more?

“Each instructor was invested in my child's learning and really met his needs."

Jai S. - Parent of a 4th grader

"My daughter scored in the 99th percentile on her exam. Thank you ACE for your support & guidance!"

Amanda L. -  Parent of a 6th grader

"ACE helped my son score in the 95th percentile. The instructors are both fun and informative."

Nithya J. - Parent of a 2nd grader

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