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ACE English/Language Arts

Originally: $210
Sale Price: $180
English/Language Arts is a subject that often appears on standardized exams, but is never thoroughly taught in many schools.
Due to a lack of focus on this subject, it is likely that your child has encountered the following issues on an ELA exam: 
  • Not knowing what a word means 
  • Not being able to effectively summarize a passage
  • Not being able to complete a passage in a timely manner
  • Not understanding what a question is asking 
ACE ELA will teach your child exclusive strategies that will prevent the issues above from occurring in the future, and boost your child's speed & accuracy when taking an ELA based exam. 
How It Works
Your child will attend six live virtual sessions led by instructors that have had 4+ years of tutoring experience and a reputation for taking average students, and turning them into adept readers. 
Your child will receive 5 homework assignments every week, to exercise the strategies and concepts that were taught within the lessons. 
Session 1: Reading Comprehension
Session 2: Vocabulary Advancement 
Session 3: Word Analysis 
Session 4: Spelling & Grammar Workshop 
Session 5: Auditory Comprehension
Session 6: Strategic Review 
ACE Reading Comprehension is currently on sale for $180, until November 22nd, 11:59 PM PST.
If you are interested in learning how to receive $40 off on this course, please click here.
"They improved the way my kids approach reading comprehension!" - Bo K.
"The instructors paid great attention to my child, and improved her reading skills." - Kareem A. 
"ACE's tutoring structure is truly fantastic!" - Rohan P. 

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