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Performing well on the ITBS Exam can be very challenging for many students. The English section alone can be very difficult. That is why at ACE Virtual Learning, we will help your student learn the various strategies behind how to approach the English section on the ITBS Exam in the most effective way!
Not only will your child have a solidified foundation in English/Language Arts, but they will also use the techniques that they learn in this program, in their upcoming years of school.
Session Days: Monday 
Meet Time: 4:00-5:00 PM PST
Frequency: 1 session every week
Course Curriculum

Session 1: Reading Comprehension
Session 2: Grammar
Session 3: Word Analysis 
Session 4: Auditory Comprehension
Session 5: Vocabulary & Spelling
Session 6: Statistical Comprehension
Session 7: Social Science
Session 8: Review
5 Assignments/Week
1 Practice Exam
Course Duration: 2 Months (8 weeks)


Parent of 4th grader

"Not only was my child able to clear the CogAT Exam, but she was also able to qualify for the Highly Capable Program, all thanks to ACE."

Parent of 2nd grader

"We are so lucky to have found ACE, as the teachers are so engaged in the student's learning. My child learned and had so much fun!"

Parent of 5th grader

"My son had scored in the 70th percentile last year, but ACE helped him learn strategies to boost his score to the 98th percentile. Thank you ACE!"

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