How To Recieve Free Tutoring Sessions

Method #1

One excellent way to receive a free session is by booking one through our test preparation services page. We currently offer tutoring sessions for the CogAT & OLSAT exams, and so your first step would be to select the exam you are preparing for. Next, you would want to select the free package option and register by clicking the "register now" button. Finally, you will be able to book your session by selecting a date/time of your choice on our calendar. You will then receive a confirmation email that contains a link to our virtual classroom. On the day of your session, you can enter the virtual classroom the link provided with the confirmation email.

Method #2

Another way to receive free sessions is by referring a friend to our program.  For every individual that registers for either our monthly or custom package for any tutoring service, you will receive one free tutoring session. Once we receive your friend's registration, we can either waive the fees for one session if your child is already enrolled in our program, or we can deliver a session based on your availability. If you already have a friend in mind, please feel free to leave their contact information down below. Once we receive their registration for either our monthly or custom package, our team will email you regarding your free session as soon as possible!