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Don't let COVID-19 affect your child's education

How It Works

Step 1: 
Register for ACE Pro, or ACE Reading Comp.
Step 2: 
Fill out the form to the right. Please make sure you enter your information on the first page of the form, and your friend's information on the second page of the form. 
Step 3: 
We will send your friend an email on your behalf, and tell them about our program. 
Step 4: 
As soon as your friend registers in ACE Pro or ACE Reading Comp, we will e-mail you a promo code within 24 hours of your friend's registration, which will allow you to access 1 free tutoring session in the course your child is enrolled in. If you fill out the form 4 times, and all 4 of your friends register in our program, you will have one month of free tutoring!