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English Tutoring Class

Book a free 60-minute English/Language Arts tutoring session, where your student will learn the same exclusive strategies that have landed others into Gifted & Talented programs all across the country.


Our English course is perfect for students who are looking to strengthen their foundation in reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary, to perform well on exams such as the TAG®, CogAT®, ITBS®, MAP®, STAAR®, and many more!

Here Is What Our Students Have Said

4th grader from Washington

 "At first, I was not interested in CogAT preparation, but my teacher at ACE Virtual Learning made my class very interesting. Eventually, I started to like my class because the teacher would explain everything so nicely, and made sure I had fun!"

3rd grader from Texas

 "I liked how my teacher taught at a good pace, and made sure I get everything. I also like how the lessons were easy to understand, and fun. I think I will get a good score this time around, because the teachers at ACE were super helpful!"


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