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Best Ways To Advance In Geometry Over The Summer

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How Does Advancement Work?


To advance in Geometry over the Summer, your child needs to take the course from an institution that is accredited & approved by your child's high school. Be sure to read this article to the very end!

Steps to Take For Advancement

1) Your child will need to meet with their school's academic counselor to see if there are any forms which need to be completed, and inquire about any other steps that need to be taken to initiate this process. 

2) Your child will also need to ask their counselor which institutions are approved & accredited 

Suggested Institutions That Offer Geometry

BYU Online High School:

Apex Virtual School:

Local Community College of your choice 

Note: These are just suggested institutions, but it is important for your child to check with their counselor on which institution is valid for accreditation.  

Common Mistakes That Students Make

While it may be true that many students take Geometry over the Summer, they may tend to struggle during SAT® Prep, as Geometry appears in the Math section. 

How to avoid this?

A wise idea would be to pair your student's geometry course with tutoring classes, as it will increase the likelihood of your child learning and retaining these concepts properly. 

Suggested Tutoring Program

ACE VL offers a Summer tutoring program called "Geometry Advancement" that is specially geared to students who are trying to advance in Geometry over the Summer. 

The program is taught by licensed teachers from excellent school districts across the nation, who have 12+ years of mathematical teaching experience. 

The program has 2 classes per week, with each class being 1 hour long. 

To view this program, click here

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