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This Secret Has Helped Students Across The Country Qualify For The Gifted & Talented Program

Last Updated: March 28th, 2021 | 1-2 minute read

Kids in Technology Class

What's The Secret?


To cut to the chase, here is the secret:


Many students who perform well on Gifted & Talented entrance exams such as the CogAT® or the ITBS® tend to use specific strategies that enhance their speed and accuracy for each subject. 

A common misconception that many parents have, is that they believe in practice always resulting in perfection. While that may be true in some cases, there happens to be a major flaw with this approach. 

What's The Flaw?

If a student's approach to a question is incorrect and they continuously practice their incorrect method, it is very easy for them to develop an unconscious habit of approaching the questions using the incorrect method, as it would be their natural instinct to do so.


This may result in consistent poor scores on the entrance exams. 

On the contrary, many parents have claimed that learning proper strategies has helped their students boost their scores on the entrance exams, as opposed to blindly practicing the questions. 



What Are These Strategies?

Now you must be wondering….what are these strategies? What is the right approach?

Fortunately, we have your answers! Keep reading.


We will be revealing the exact steps that many students have taken to qualify for the

Gifted & Talented program through a free 1:1 consultation session. 

Through the consultation session, our experts will provide you with a personalized district-specific plan on how your student can succeed. 

If you want your child to qualify for the Gifted & Talented program, we would highly suggest booking a consultation call with our experts, because it is very likely that your student's gifted & talented journey begins right here.


Don't let your child fall behind. Book your free consultation session today!

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