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GPA Boosters Guide

 1-2 minute read

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1) (Most Important) Study Next Year's Math Subject In The Summer


Often times, Math takes up a lot of time, energy, and effort during the school year.


That's why many students with high GPA's will study the next year's math subject in the Summer prior.


Doing so allows them to secure an 'A' in Math class effortlessly, thereby increasing their GPA.

Furthermore, they then have more time to dedicate to other difficult subjects and high commitment extracurriculars. 

Many students are able to easily get ahead in the Summer by taking part in ACE VL's Summer Mastery Program. 

These programs are low-commitment and produce great results, which is perfect if your child is tight on time. 

To learn more, simply select the subject your child will be taking next year. 

2) Take AP® History Subjects Online & Transfer the Credits 

History subjects are historically time consuming (no pun intended). 

While an AP® History subject is a commonly taken AP® class, it takes away time from students to study harder for other classes or pursue a high-commitment extracurricular. 

That's why a cool way around this is to just take the course from an online accredited institution, where many students claim it is actually easier in terms of difficulty level. 

To learn more, your student should speak to their counselor in high school for more information on which institutions are accredited & approved by the school district. 

3) Study For Exams 2+ Weeks in Advance

What really separates the 'A' students from everyone else is studying habits. 'A' students tend to prepare for important tests at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid cramming at the last minute. 

Here's what you can suggest to your child: Prepare a little bit every day. 

For example: If a test requires 12 hours of prep, spreading that out into 24 days is far more effective, less stressful, and efficient, as your child is more likely to score better and retain the information in case it is assessed in the future. 

How Can Your Child Get Started?

Is your child ready to achieve a phenomenal GPA?


We suggest taking actions on Strategies #1 & #3, here's how: 

Go back to Strategy #1, and click on the subject your child will be taking next year.

The program also incorporates Strategy #3, as your child will be prepared for some of their exams weeks if not months ahead of time. 

For any questions, please contact (805)-242-6333

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