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Pre-Calculus Classes
Designed For Georgia Students.

Skyrocket your child's grade and boost their GPA with our premium classes designed for Georgia students.

    About Mrs. Calvo

Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Hofstra University.

A message from the teacher: 
Why I Teach Mathematics: Math has been a passion of mine since I was in elementary school. It has always been a subject that excites me. I love seeing students light up when they learn a new concept and feel so accomplished. I believe everyone has the ability to learn math but needs to find a way that fits their learning style. I love helping students figure out their learning style and working with them to find strategies that make the most sense for them. My favorite part of teaching math is when they say, " Wow, math is actually pretty easy!" I love that they finally see that math does not have to be scary and that everyone has the ability to learn it with practice. I also love to show them how math applies to the real world and how math is important in all areas of life.

4.8/5 Star Rating

Due to our personalized approach

Top 1% Instructors

To provide the best quality education

97.5% Success Rate

As our methods are proven-to-work

Our GPA-Boosting Approach

First, we will map out ALL of your student's unit exam dates throughout the semester.

Second, we will tailor our course's curriculum to ensure that your child is effectively prepared for each unit test, at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Third, we will re-teach every concept that your child scores poorly on in school, to prevent those mistakes from occurring again. 

Our Values

Customizable Curriculum

For every single Pre-Calculus Topic!


"[In terms of value, I would rate this class] a 10, I've learned a lot of math"
         -Former student, 5/5 star review

"[In terms of value, I would rate this class] a 9"
         -Former student, 4/5 star review

"[The classes are] very helpful, I feel confident so far"
         -Former student, 5/5 star review

"I feel confident at the end of the course, thank you so much for all the help!"
                 -Former student, 5/5 star review

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