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Pre-Medical Field Guide

 1-2 minute read

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Step 1: Prioritize Grades 

Students who would like to go into the medical field tend to have many more years of schooling than everyone else, especially in fields such as Math/Science. 

To demonstrate that they can handle the workload they must perform well in as many courses as possible. 

An easy way to accomplish this is by getting a head start on such subjects during the Summer. 

Ace VL's Mathematics Mastery Summer Program has a reputable track record for helping students interested in such fields accomplish this. 

Simply select your child's math subject for next year to get started:

Step 2: Extracurriculars that Demonstrate Care & Passion

Those who are in the medical field are usually there because they have a passion of caring for others. 

Therefore, your child's extracurricular activities should reflect the same values. 

Some good examples of these extracurriculars are:

-Volunteering; it demonstrates the desire to help others

-Mentorship; have your child shadow another doctor, as it shows explicit interest in the field

-Summer Program; Research & apply to relevant Summer Programs in advance

; Join a relevant club at school & make an impact. If a club does not exist, your child can always start one, and that also demonstrates leadership skills. 

-Research; Publishing a research paper is a very impressive achievement that displays the commitment to advancing in the field of science 


Step 3: Get in Good Physical Shape

This step is often overlooked and postponed, but given the workload that students within the medical field will have, it is especially important for our students to get in good physical shape while they are still young. 

Consider investing in a gym membership, or having them participate in a sport.

It is important to build these habits now, so that they can be consistent with it in the future. 

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