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Reading comprehension is a subject that often appears on standardized exams, but is never thoroughly taught in many schools.
Due to a lack of focus on this subject, it is likely that your child has encountered the following issues on a reading comprehension exam: 
  • Not knowing what a word means 
  • Not being able to effectively summarize a passage
  • Not being able to complete a passage in a timely manner
  • Not understanding what a question is asking 
ACE Reading Comprehension will teach your child exclusive strategies that will prevent the issues above from occurring in the future, and boost your child's speed & accuracy when taking a reading comprehension based exam. 
How It Works
Your child will attend one live virtual session every week, led by instructors that have had 4+ years of tutoring experience and a reputation for taking average students, and turning them into adept readers. 
Your child will receive 5 reading comprehension assignments every week, to exercise the strategies and concepts that were taught within the lessons. 
At the end of the month, your child will take a full-length reading comprehension exam in order to display their areas of improvement, and their areas of potential improvement. 
Alongside the exam, you will receive a progress report outlining a plan to further strengthen your child's reading comprehension abilities. 
ACE Reading Comprehension will follow a curriculum consisting of working on a new genre of literature in every session, in order to expand your child's literary knowledge, and prepare them for what is most likely to be assessed on their standardized exams. 
Since many schools are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, our instructors are willing to incorporate your child's academic curriculum into our lesson plan, in order to prevent any gaps in your child's learning. 
Session 1: Fictional Literature 
Session 2: Non-Fictional Literature 
Session 3: Poetic Literature 
Session 4: Theatrical Literature 
ACE Reading Comprehension is currently on sale for $140, until June 8th, 11:59 PM PST.
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"ACE helped my son achieve a perfect score on his STAAR Exam." - Alisha S.
"They changed the way my kids approach reading comprehension." - Bo K.
"The instructors paid great attention to my child, and improved her reading skills." - Kareem A. 
"ACE's tutoring structure is truly fantastic!" - Rohan P. 

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