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ACE Gifted Training

$140/month for 3 months

Sale: $130/month for 3 months

Performing well on the CogAT can be very challenging for many students. However, our instructors at ACE Virtual Learning can help your student ace the exam in no time! With the perfect combination of practice and strategy, your student can accurately answer each question on the CogAT Exam within a timely manner.
Session Days: Sunday
Meet Time: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM PST
Frequency: 1 session every week

Session 1: Verbal Analogies
Session 2: Verbal Classification/Sentence Completion
Session 3: Number Series/Number Analogies
Session 4: Number Puzzles
Session 5: Figure Analogies
Session 6: Figure Classification
Session 7: Paper Folding
Session 8: Practice Exam Insights
Session 9: Advanced Verbal Concepts
Session 10: Advanced Quantitative Concepts
Session 11: Advanced Nonverbal Concepts
Session 12: Strategic Overview
5 Assignments/Week + multiple practice tests
1,000+ Questions & 20+ tutoring videos with 24/7 support
Extra practice available upon request


Parent of 4th grader

"Not only was my child able to clear the CogAT Exam, but she was also able to qualify for the Highly Capable Program, all thanks to ACE."

Parent of 2nd grader

"We are so lucky to have found ACE, as the teachers are so engaged in the student's learning. My child learned and had so much fun!"

Parent of 5th grader

"My son had scored in the 70th percentile last year, but ACE helped him learn strategies to boost his score to the 98th percentile. Thank you ACE!"

Registration Process

Step 1: Purchase our course by clicking the "Register Now" button.

Step 2: After receiving the confirmation email, you will receive another email within 24 hours that includes a simple step-by-step process on how to join our virtual classroom and access the session links/homework assignments.

Step 3: Start your student's classes & accelerate their cognitive abilities!

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