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Premium Online

Gifted Abilities Course (Preparation for CogAT®, ITBS®, and STAAR®) 

Price per hour: $30 | Billed at $240/month

Sale: Price per hour: $22 

ACE Virtual Learning's Gifted Abilities Course is taught by certified K-12 educators who have been teaching for a minimum of 4+ years! Throughout this course, your student will learn the same strategies that have helped students ace the CogAT® while solidifying their academic foundation. Students who have taken this course have qualified for Gifted & Talented programs across the country. 

Questions? Call: (805)-242-6333 at any time

What Your Child Will Accomplish

Boys at School

Learn Strategies

Through our course, your student will learn the exact same strategies that have helped students across the country qualify for the

Gifted & Talented Program!

Kids in Technology Class

Solidify Foundation

Our certified and experienced instructors will tailor our course to your child's individual academic needs, and help bridge any gaps in your student's academic foundation.


Skyrocket Abilities

After learning unique and creative approaches to a variety of problems, your student will be able to skyrocket their cognitive abilities, and breeze through their school's curriculum. 

Course Structure

Classes per week: 2

Classes per month: 8

Session Length: 1 hour

Homework booklets per week: 4

CogAT® Practice Tests: 5+

CogAT® Practice Questions: 5,000+

Course Topics

Parts of Speech & Functionality

Irregular/Regular Nouns & Verbs

Verb Tenses 

Subject-Verb Agreement 

Superlative Adjectives & Adverbs

Coordinating & Subordinating Conjunctions



Fictional Reading Comprehension

Non-Fictional Reading Comprehension

Poetic Comprehension 

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Context Clues & Inferring Definitions

Root Words & Prefixes/Suffixes


Storyline/Character Analysis

Creative Writing 

Argumentative Writing 

Informational Writing 

Book Reports 

Poetic Writing 

Writing Conventions & Structure 

Rhetoric Appeals 

Vocabulary & Figurative Language 

Properties of Multiplication

Properties of Division 

Rounding & Estimation 

Fractions & Whole Numbers 


Introduction to Equations 

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range 

Verbal Analogies

Verbal Classification

Sentence Completion

Verbal Review




Mass & Volume 

3-D Shapes & Figures 

Introduction to Angles 

Figure Decomposition 

Advanced Word Problems

Geometric Application

Logical Comprehension 

Data Interpretation 

Data Representation 

Arithmetic Application 

Real-World Solutions

Number Analogies

Number Series

Number Puzzles

Quantitative Review

Paper Folding

Figure Analogies

Figure Classification 

Nonverbal Review

We have carefully structured our course in way where our students can learn about the concepts assessed on the CogAT®, STAAR®, ITBS®, MAP®, and STAR Reading® every single week. 


Additionally, we hold a comprehensive review at the end of each month, to review and re-teach any concepts that our students feel that they need to further improve in. The benefit of our comprehensive review sessions, is that your student can learn a substantial amount of content, and also retain it.

Recent Success Stories

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Registration Process

Step 1:

Click the "Register Now" button above, to begin the registration process. 

Step 2:

Once you register, our staff will send you an email within the next 24 hours that includes simple directions on how to join our virtual classroom and access the homework assignments/session links. 

Step 3:

Use the session link provided to you on the day of the session to join your first class! 

FAQ Section

Q1.) What if my child joins after the first session has taken place?

Our course is carefully structured in a way where students can join at any time, and they will still be able to learn all the content that is taught through our comprehensive review sessions. Our instructors also required to review previous concepts in each class. 

Q2.) What if my child misses a class?

If your student misses a class, we have you covered! At ACE Virtual Learning, we have a very convenient system of allowing parents to schedule a make-up session within a timely manner to go over any concepts that were previously missed. 

Q3.) How can I ensure that my student is receiving a substantial amount of attention from the instructor?

Since there will be no more than 2-5 students in each classroom, our instructors tend to have a significant amount of time to dedicate towards making sure each student is able to effectively understand and apply the concepts that are taught. 

Q4.) How do the online classes work?

Our online classes take place through Zoom. Your student will be able to interact with our instructor and ask questions, just as they would in a physical classroom. Our instructors will make the online classes extremely interactive, informational, and enjoyable!


Do you want to learn the same techniques that have landed students across the country

in Gifted & Talented Programs?

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