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CogAT® Practice Test (grades 2-5)

Our CogAT® Practice Test is located in our Gifted & Talented Facebook Group


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Full-Length CogAT® practice test that has helped students across the country score above the 95th percentile

Perfect combination of easy, intermediate, and advanced-level questions

Downloadable in PDF format & easy to print

This Student Used 3 Secrets to Qualify For The Gifted & Talented Program

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While a substantial amount of practice questions are great preparation resources for the CogAT® Test, they are by no means sufficient enough to help your child ace the test and qualify for the Gifted & Talented Program. 

Instead, your child should  learn CogAT® Test-taking strategies that boost speed & accuracy. 

At ACE Virtual Learning, we teach our students the exact same strategies that have helped other children ace the CogAT® test in the past!

Your child can learn these strategies through our free CogAT® Prep Class.